it was a gorgeous spring day today, sun and clear skies when i arose, then a quick thunderstorm, which was followed by sun and blue skies again. once the sun came out the second time, i went for a walk.

as i set out on my favorite route, i had a strong appreciation for the fact that i could do this at a moment’s notice. i could stop doing the laundry, or knitting, or watching netflix (albeit grudgingly, since i’m deep into “rescue me”), put on my shoes and hit the road. nothing physical could prevent me from going for a walk. i take that for granted, as i do far too many things, and it occurred to me that i am fortunate to have a healthy, strong body that is able to enjoy a walk in the fresh air.

i thought back to my whining about not being thinner, fitter, blah blah blah and felt ashamed. there i was, walking at a perfectly respectable clip, the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, my stride strong and true. what the hell difference did it make, in that moment (or in any moment, really) whether i was a size 8 or able to run a marathon or whether or not i had two breasts? i was strong and healthy and able to enjoy the sound of the birds and feel the sun and the wind on my face. that is more than enough.

expressing silent thanks to my parents, who instilled in me a love of nature and an appreciation for health, i continued on my walk with a new lease on my life and all that it has to offer. it is something i will try to do each and every day.


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