Ho Hum

i hum a lot. i hum when i walk, when i’m in the kitchen, when i’m in the shower, and when i’m at work. i hum in the grocery store and at target and on an airplane, and i hum to my dog. humming is much less risky than singing, especially in public. a solitary activity, really, is humming.  when i’m in public i make sure to hum especially quietly, as i don’t want to disturb folks around me. a co-worker once clocked me for humming along with a classical piece playing at work, and i didn’t even realize i was doing it. she has since told me that she doesn’t really mind my humming, and i suspect she has just gotten used to me and my devotion to my “craft”.

my humming isn’t an attempt at getting attention, and i would never feel comfortable delivering a solo musical performance.  although my astrological sign is leo, i tend to be more shy than prideful, less confident than unsure. my usual lookout in groups is on the fringe, on the sidelines, or in the shadows.

as i was humming the other day, it struck me that i hum to soothe myself. i realized that when i hum i feel as though i am wrapped in the arms of my parents, i feel comforted by the memory of them and how safe i felt when i was younger. perhaps there is a visceral trigger of my mother humming to me when i was a child, or my father “pum-pum-pumming” to songs when he didn’t know the words.

i like to hum. i hum. a lot.


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