an inauspicious start?

well, we certainly didn’t get off to a good start on our vacation.

not 10 miles out of town, on the turnpike, in the midst of rush hour traffic, our bikes let go of the bike rack and flew off the back of the car. we called 911, got off the turnpike, drove 15 miles to the first exit that was not backed up 30 cars, got back on the turnpike and found them crushed and lying on bikesthe side of the road.  major emotional moment. one of the bikes was a year old, and mine was only one day old. i hadn’t even ridden the damn thing yet.

amazingly, neither of us freaked out too much and when you think about it, what would have been the point? the bikes were gone and we were on our way, so we tried not to dwell on the situation and tried to put it out of our minds. easier said than done, of course. we kept trying to figure out what happened: was it the wind, was it because the previous 15 years that we’ve traveled with bikes they’ve been on the back of a van and so the aerodynamics were different, were they just not lashed on there well enough? the latter is most probably the case and so we will strap those suckers on with numerous bungees and extra care in the future.

at first i thought that this event portended a less-than pleasant vacation, worried that we were somehow jinxed, and for an hour or more i had a rock in the pit of my stomach, emotionally speaking. but it didn’t, of course, and we’ve been having a lovely time.  one of the benefits of being older and wiser is that stuff like this doesn’t completely destroy you. you realize that things will happen that you can’t foresee and the only thing to do is experience the event and learn from it. there is no benefit to allowing yourself to be hooked by something so completely that it makes you miserable. experience the event, breathe through it, and move on.


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