a new experience

summertime and the livin’ is not so easy for my husband, who has been traveling like a crazy person and so is in dire need of a vacation and major down time. we’re trying to decide on a place to go that is relaxing, semi-luxurious, not too far away and reasonably priced. taller order than i thought, it turns out. 

we’ve decided we’d rather go north to avoid the heat and humidity and have been thinking about northwestern michigan, so i’ve done some research on what’s available and preferably pet-friendly. not a lot to choose from, and the resort we’re considering has gotten terrible reviews on yelp.com. not promising. 

our go-to choice for years, starting when the boys were young and returning now and again until they were both in their mid-20s, is a wonderful place in door county, wisconsin. originally wagon trail resort, rowleys bay resort is a family- (but not pet-) friendly vacation spot with rustic and comfortable amenities. in addition to the lodge, which has an indoor pool, swedish restaurant and bakery, there are over 20 privately-owned vacation homes available for rental. nestled right on rowleys bay, the site is beautiful, calming and peaceful, and for us it holds many wonderful memories of time with the boys. 

i have reached the age when a great deal of my time is spent looking back with nostalgia at time spent with my children. enjoying their first experiences and watching them as they grew was the happiest time of my life. this trip is going to unearth mixed feelings, i think. the place will be colored with my memories of being there with the boys and i will need to figure out how to be there without them. my dear niece sent me a new blank book for my birthday and i anticipate filling it with thoughts of how things are different there now. there will no doubt be some tear-stained pages, if i allow myself to fully experience what arises, and that will be ok. it will be important for me to forge ahead, make new memories, and share them with the boys. i was someone before they were born, and i am still someone now that they have moved on, and that should be embraced.

wish me luck. 


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