wise up

i have to ask the question. why do women of a certain age get passed over for jobs? i fall into that category and it seems to me that we are the perfect faction to choose from. our children are grown and on their own, our work ethic is old-school (by which i mean we work hard and do what needs to be done without complaint or eye-rolling or heavy sighs), our ability to manage in crisis or just-plain-crazy is well-honed and we are reliable and responsible. what’s not to like? 

ok, i kind of get it. we don’t necessarily purty-up-the-office like someone younger and fresh out of college (and the nearest abercrombie & fitch store). we don’t kowtow to the males in the office or allow ourselves to be talked down to or patronized. we are not snowed by false chumminess or feigned interest about others. maybe we grumble a bit about how hot it is in the office (when everyone else is wearing a jacket and earmuffs), and maybe we don’t laugh at the infantile jokes and off-color comments. we probably don’t pay attention to the office gossip (which might just make us the focus of said gossip) and we probably aren’t apt to waste much time chatting inanely.

what we do is work hard, focus on the task and get the job done when and how it needs to be done, all while answering phones, sorting mail, filing, answering questions and making appointments and travel arrangements. we make our own appointments for after hours, leave our gadgets out of sight until we are off the clock and do what needs to be done, usually without much urging. we understand the importance of being on-time, on-task and on-the-job and take that responsibility seriously.

being on the cusp of the grey power population is frustrating. maybe if i lived in the united kingdom things would be more encouraging. they seem pretty savvy across the pond. nevertheless, i keep sending in my applications and hoping that someone will wise up. 



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