artist’s date

spent a perfect summer afternoon at stan hywet hall and gardens in akron, ohio today. what a beautiful spot, a jewel in the crown of this part of ohio. we were gifted with 75 degrees, beautiful blue skies, fluffy white friendly clouds and a breeze just the right gust and temperaturSONY DSCe. this is exactly how the birch-lined path looked as we strolled its 500′ between the manse and the tea rooms, which were actually open air gazebo-like structures with benches overlooking a lower garden.  i had no trouble at all imagining myself living there some 75 years ago on a day such as today, dressed in a light summer dress and perhaps gloves, taking tea with guests. i’m only a romantic when it comes to imagining living in such a time and place. here in the real world i am anything but. exercise pants, keen sandals and a tee and i’m good to go.

when i wander away from the places i usually frequent i get a surge of creativity. whether it is an artist’s date at a museum or fabric store or garden center, or just an afternoon at the park, something happens when i change surroundings. it’s as though the noises of life that so often interfere with my awareness of the world beyond the veil (by which i mean a mysterious or hidden place, not the hereafter) are muted and the whisper of my muse can then be heard. no distractions, no laundry around the corner, no dishes at the edge of the pond to taunt me, just undiscovered beauties and sounds and experiences. 

sign me up. 


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