☽★~*NIGHT MODE*~★☾

in the words of william congreve (1697), “music hath charms to soothe the savage breast”.

it can also pump up the savage or lonely or overworked breast, as evidenced by the crowd at the organically created shows put on by ☽★~*NIGHT MODE*~★☾ in columbus, ohio.  wes flexner, writer with the columbus free press, attended a show in may of this year and had this report:

retro palm trees and video screens [played] lo-fi video collages. the guest deejay was Sofia Stone from Ultramajic Records. everyone was stylishly dressed and basically looked really cool. …the feeling was super warm, inviting and off the cuff. it looked good but I felt no pretense. this is because the people who put on the quarterly event–DJ’s Noelsferatu, Ethan Eschelon, Dustin Knell, Conner Campassi , and Curator/Think Tank Shirtless Midnight aka Gilberto Covrraubias — are really great dudes.

these guys all have a longstanding passion for music. Dustin used to deejay Sweatin’ as a part of Adulture and also solo. Gil was a regular at Sweatin.’ Noel has worked with Milk Bar’s Kareem Jacks on events. Ethan cut his teeth on his own show called Late Night Frequency which aired on Denver/Oberlin online radio station Rwd.FM.

there was a recent program on npr’s “all things considered” about rhythm and beat and its affect on people. the guest said people are looking for ways to “step out of me and into we” and there is no doubt that night mode is promoting that connection. gil … [said], “i think the whole feel is the underground side of dance music. we have this DIY ethic. it’s about bringing people together…there’s more of a philosophical underpinning.

in an age when it seems many are still intent on finding differences between people, these cats are all about inviting people to step into we.  they are passionate about creating an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion and a just plain exciting dance party from start to finish. the Night Mode crew is heavy on the total experience from decor to flyers to the music. “… we are crafting the experience in a way that you aren’t going to just walk in and pay attention to the speakers and that’s it. you are kinda interacting with the whole situation,” said ethan.

i urge any of you who are in or near the columbus area to keep tabs on these guys, and i applaud them for their vision, their intensity and their commitment to sharing the music.



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