Knitting Reimagined!

i work at an independent bookshop in ohio and one of my favorite things to do is look through the knitting books that come in for stock or those that have been special ordered by a customer. there is nothing like paging through a beautifully photographed collection of patterns for knitting projects to look forward to! a colleague of mine is an excellent knitter and she has some great books with me, including several by nicky epstein, the bestselling author of  knitting on top of the world, knitting on the edge, and knitting a kiss in every stitch, among others. her designs have also been featured in vogue knitting magazine and many other knitting publications, on television, and at art exhibitions. a couple of weeks ago i received an invitation from publisher’s weekly to blog for (free) books. yes please, i rsvp’d, checked off all of my favorite genres and chose my first book.  a week later i received nicky epstein’s newest offering,  knitting reimagined: an innovative approach to structure and shape with 25 breathtaking projects.

d4fe6123fb094bb67e2a50fe4c8aa2a6look at this delightful cover – it is a work of wearable art! i can’t say that i’m quite ready to take this particular project on, but it is certainly sets the stage for all of the delightful patterns within. click here to learn more. this is not your average knitting book, if there in fact is such a thing. you will not find the “usual” patterns for sweaters and blankets and children’s clothing in here. no dishcloths or tea cozies or adorable baby booties. what you will find are delightfully creative, spectacular, mind-stretching examples of pure knitting genius.


the first pattern i am going to attempt is this one. it uses bulky yarn and is a relatively simple one, so i can get used to ms. epstein’s patterns and end up with something that looks mahvelous! this pattern receives two yarn balls from ms. epstein, which means it will take a couple of weeks to complete. i will keep you posted on my progress!


NOTE:  i received this book from “blogging for books” for this review.


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